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New Jersey health workers threaten to strike

Excerpted from a July 23 press release. For more information, go to 1199 SEIU website at tinyurl.com/neajdrw. A multinational, multigendered delegation of 1199 Service Employees healthcare workers, including certified nursing assistants, housekeepers, dietary and recreation aides, and licensed practical nurses, held a press conference in the Journal Square area of Jersey City, N.J., on July […]

Todos somos Gaza

EUA provee armas y cobertura diplomática para la limpieza étnica israelí en Gaza 22 de julio — La horrenda agresión de Israel contra el pueblo de Gaza se encuentra en su 14º día. Hoy mismo, Tel Aviv utilizó su arsenal suministrado por Estados Unidos para atacar cinco mezquitas y una unidad de cuidados intensivos del […]

This report Todos somos Gaza appeared first on Workers World.

When children are ‘the enemy’

Printed from a July 13 audio column aired by Prison Radio at prisonradio.org. I’ve been watching for days now, as media reports display the growing hatreds at the arrival of Central American children across the Mexican-U.S. border. American voices crackle with bile as they begin the drumbeat for their immediate deportation. Vile names are called […]

This report When children are ‘the enemy’ appeared first on Workers World.

What To Read on Your Summer Vacation

Let’s start with a stiff dose of reality: the United States is notoriously stingy when it comes to vacation. The Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that the United States is alone among 21 wealthy nations in requiring that employers provide not a lick of paid vacation. It should come as no surprise, then, that 23 percent of all U.S. workers—and 51 percent of low-wage workers—are granted no paid leave at all.

We Read It So You Don’t Have To

The Book: The American Boomerang, by Nich Adams (WND Books)

The Gist: The Australian author to whom Rick Perry awarded Honorary Texan citizenship pens an encomium to America's greatness and bemoans the 'leftist poison' supposedly tearing it apart. 

Representative Quote: "The Muslim mind is inferior to the Christian mind because of Muslim ideas." 

Anti-imperialism and the “to be or not to be” of the left, part 2

Alberto Rabilotta is an Argentine-Canadian journalist specializing in economic issues. This is the second installment of a two-part article that Workers World is publishing as a contribution to the discussion of contemporary imperialism and how to fight it. Translated from Spanish by WW managing editor John Catalinotto. In the previous article (Social destruction and global […]

Microsoft announces massive layoffs

Microsoft founder Bill Gates established the Gates Foundation, a supposedly “nonprofit” enterprise that describes its mission this way online: “We live in a globally connected, information saturated world. To thrive, our students need to learn in and out of school, in person and online, together and independently. Students need learning experiences that meet them where […]