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Ebola, Cuba and capitalism

It is impossible to ignore that the capitalist for-profit system is the greatest obstacle in the effort to control the Ebola epidemic. Capitalism has sown abject poverty and malnutrition, dismantled existing public health systems, crushed human solidarity, based the development of vaccines and cures on their profit margin and weakened human ability to survive diseases. […]

Philadelphia: No to ICE

Erika Almiron, director of immigrant rights’ organization Juntos, spoke at an Oct. 16 press conference on the latest attacks by Immigration Customs Enforcement against the immigrant community in Philadelphia. Six months ago, Juntos won a historic victory in this city on what are called ICE “detainers” or holds — written demands from ICE that require […]

This report Philadelphia: No to ICE appeared first on Workers World.

Demonstrators drown out Pa. Gov. Corbett who signed ‘Silence Mumia Law’

Philadelphia, Oct. 21 — Lots of media were on hand today in Philadelphia to record the moment when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett put his signature on the “Revictimization Relief Act” — dubbed the “Silence Mumia Law” by civil rights activists. But Corbett had a problem: None of the media could hear him speak. Nearly 50 protesters, standing a short distance away […]

The left in Ukraine and the origins of Borotba

Interview with Borotba leader Victor Shapinov, Part 2 Simferopol, Crimea — On Sept. 22, Workers World conducted an extensive interview with Victor Shapinov, a coordinator and leading theoretician of the Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine. Shapinov currently lives in exile with other Borotba activists in Crimea, under threat of arrest from the U.S.-backed coup regime […]

Stops cuts of teachers’ benefits in Philadelphia!

Judge Nina Wright Padilla of the Court of Common Pleas issued a temporary injunction Oct. 20 barring the School Reform Commission from making changes to Philadelphia public school teachers’ health care plans.  After walking away from the negotiations table in July, the SRC unilaterally cancelled the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers’ union contract on Oct. 6. […]

World Federation of Trade Unions says Ebola virus deaths facilitated by imperialism

Following is an edited statement issued by the World Federation of Trade Unions’ Secretariat in Athens, Greece, on Oct. 15.   The Ebola epidemic that has struck mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea of West Africa and threatens the entire world has killed thousands of people and caused panic to millions of others. As high […]

Ukraine communists ‘face to face with 21st century fascism’

Simferopol, Crimea — On Sept. 22, Workers World conducted an extensive interview with Victor Shapinov, a coordinator and leading theoretician of the Marxist organization Union Borotba (Struggle) of Ukraine. Shapinov currently lives in exile with other Borotba activists in Crimea, under threat of arrest from the U.S.-backed coup regime in Kiev. Additional installments of the […]

Pulling the Plug on Corporate Personhood

American democracy is reaching a breaking point, from failed winner-take-all voting rules to blatant attempts to suppress voter turnout. The rising torrent of campaign spending by the 1% has triggered particular outrage.

Activists leapt into action after the Supreme Court’s January 2010 Citizens United decision, which not only overturned a century of precedent that barred corporate money in American elections, but also enshrined corporations as non-human entities that have the same constitutional rights as people.

Nurses’ union demands gov’t mandate to contain Ebola

National Nurses United, a union and professional organization with 185,000 members, was contacted by nurses at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where Thomas Eric Duncan was treated for Ebola. The nurses criticized the hospital administration for not having a protocol in place to deal with this virulent disease, for not training or preparing them […]

Hannibal Shakur, Trayvon Two activist, tells WW about charges being dropped

Hannibal Abdul Shakur and Tanzeen Doha were arrested during protests during the summer of 2013 in downtown Oakland, Calif., after the notorious George Zimmerman verdict was announced, where he was acquitted for the Feb. 26, 2012, murder of Trayvon Martin.  At an Oct. 10 pre-trial readiness conference, the Oakland prosecutor finally admitted that they had […]